Monday, 6 December 2010

Advent Calendar Day Six 2010

Advent Calendar Day Six.
Mad World by Tears for Fears. Requested by Arty Lee, seconded by Vicky Addison, Ahmad Fridolin Fikken and Marcus James.



Anonymous said...

Amazing! Love it love it love it!

Arty "Fucking" Smokes said...

Wonderful. I wouldn't even be able to work out the first two bars of piano!

iaxe393 said...

how do we get the downloads?

Theoretical Girl said...

Click on divshare :) x

frieslander said...

A part of the Xmas songs cannon since that time that cover version was Xmas number 1 back in 2002 (03?).
lol :)
Sung very well again, good choice to the three who chose it :)
iaxe393, to download, click on the DivShare icon on the player, when download screen opens click download, wait till 15 second count down is up and then click down load again, have a look at last years advent calender in the previous post on this blog to if your interested (there were downloadable too :)

ingrid said...

This is an incredible cover, love it!

Ahmad Fridolin Fikken said...

Beautiful. Period.

Andy said...

A beautiful cover of one of my favourite songs, the lyrics are just something else.

Your advent calender is an excellent idea, how about a cover of Fairy Tale of New York by the Pogues, perhaps a bit obvious (and difficult as a solo singer) but it is the only festive song for me!

Best, Andy