Friday, 13 November 2009

Home Recording Number 1 - Thorn in my Side

This is a strange little song. It has been flying around my head since I finished making the album. I'm not sure I'll ever use it for anything but it's good practice for me to actually finish songs, I'm always starting things I don't get round to finishing. It's the only twee-ish song that I've written over the past few months. All the rest are quite dark/melancholy.

Excuse the vocals, I still have a terrible cold. And my home studio is still not together so it's recorded on the trusty but lo-fi 8-track.

Here's the full version:

And here's the stripped down version:

All constructive criticism is gratefully received. I want this to be an album for you.

TG xx


frieslander said...

I had orriginaly planned to stat this comment with a flipent (yet friendly and obviously joking) about 8 tracks.
After listening to the song I don't want to. That was beautiful, dispit being so sad, or possibly because of.
I did feel that the music needed a little work, but I couldn't put my finger on exactly how.
Then I listened to the striped down version.
This is defenitly a case, I feel, of less is more. The second version needs no work done to it, and I would surgest, as humbly as I possibly can, that you put this version on to your myspace music player. It would work brilliantly on people who don't know you, and are looking you up before going to a gig that both your self and a band that they a fans of are playing at.
I hope you may even consider wheeling this one out at future solo shows. It works. really really well.
Of course, I'm just the first commenter. Every one else may have compleatly different thoughts on the song
David :)

Chris said...

I like both versions, though I agree with David that the second works better.
The keyboard sound seems "warmer" and the simplicity of the arrangement brings the focus more onto the song itself rather than the other sounds going on.
Saying that, I think it would be lovely to hear the strings being featured a little more towards the end of the track, a bit higher in the mix.

Your voice sounds great even with a cold!

Lovely track, looking forward to more of the same :O)

Theoretical Girl said...

Thanks guys! I had lots of comments on my facebook page saying the same, that they preferred the stripped-down version! So when the cold is gone, I will re-record a nice simplified version. xxx

frieslander said...

As you still have the cold, then I'm guessing that my max doassage of asprin/tea/snacking remerdy has not worked.
Oh well, looks like cooked hat for lunch.
Hope the cold gets better

robot hero said...

this is really, really good. i agree with chris on the keyboard sound. and just as an aside, the lyrics set against your voice...for some reason it reminds me of virginia astley's so like dorian, super pretty voice and music, set against scathing lyrics, ripping a former lover/friend. nice work!

Anonymous said...

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