Sunday, 15 November 2009

Home Recording Number 2 - Can't Say No

I'm afraid that when the mp3 is uploaded to divshare it loses a lot of quality!

Another little work in progress for you....

Hope you like it

TG x


Chris said...

Sounds lovely.

I like the waltz tempo on it.

For me, it would be great if the end result incorporated a proper bass guitar or bouble bass. A bit like The Stranglers' "Golden Brown".

If these tracks are an indicator of what your new album is going to be like, then I'm certainly looking forward to it and will tell all my friends! Both of them.


Theoretical Girl said...

Ha ha! Thanks Chris. I'll try the bass idea. xxx

CruellaRibbons said...

I honestly honestly love this even more then the last one!!!
The lyrics and tempo are awesome and the piano sounds wicked.

Are you ever going to write a song that I don't like ?


frieslander said...

This track puts me in mind of two things.
1) I also noticed the Waltz. I felt this worked quite well.
The second thing is more of and abstract thing.
I can't think why. But I kept imagining a lonely figuer walking along a canal in an old industrial estate under a sky like we've been having today in S E England. (I can't figure that out either, If some one knows whats going on inside my head, I'd like to know about it. I digress)
I don't know what addition of instruments will do, so I shall offer none. I can't imagine it. So I shall just have to look forward to hearing how the bass guitar/double bass idea works out.
If you recorded the singing whit that cold of yours then I salute you for your ability.
David :)