Thursday, 3 December 2009

Advent Calendar - Day Four

I Can't Help Myself


iaxe393 said...

edwyns greatest song- well done!

frieslander said...

I can see most of my comments compleamenting you on the singing and asking who sang the orriginal as again I don't know it.
What the hell.
That was great. Who did the orriginal? I need more than "Edwyn" to go on.
David :)
as to yesterdays song's orriginal singers. Weren't the Ronettes signed to Phil Spector? (Christmas connection there).
As for Marianne Faithfull,I have heard of her. Didn't know she sang.
In reference to Phil Spector, I found this on Twitter: @MitchBenn: Can't help but notice that while Phil Spector called his Xmas album 'A Christmas Gift For You' he still wanted money for it.
You've given us an entire advent calender of (so far) covers for Christmas. Similar idea, but ultimatly different ends. I prefer yours. :)

Chris said...

David, it was written by Edwyn Collins and performed by his band Orange Juice.

frieslander said...

Thanks Chris. This is turning out to be quite a lesson music history :)