Sunday, 20 December 2009

Advent Calendar - Day Twenty



frieslander said...

Well, I'm back from my recent trip to the Balkans and I come home to find a lot good music.
Firstly I must say I found the Day 19 song I found.....ulta ironic. Yesterday (the 19th) I was travel home from Sofia (Bulgaria) to Gatwick. First the flight was delayed be 2 hours due to the snow at Gatwick, then upon arrive the plain was sent to the wrong terminal due to the snow. Then the aircraft steps broke due to the cold weather and had to be replaced. Then the baggage was late (this breacks new ground), blamed on the weather again. Like I said. Ultra ironic LOL :) A well sung version none the less.
Mazzy Star I have never heard of before though it was a nice soft song to begin the procedings.
Your live Maida Vail songs I found a joy to listen to, Biggest Mistake and I Should Of Loved You More are great songs (wasn't one of them going to be the next single?). Was The Boy I Left Behind also a Maida Vail or recorded else where? Though its still all good where ever its was played. Goes well with the fading light of dusk (current view from my window).
What was day 15 for every one else turned out to be a pleasent surprise, though I must confess I forget who did the original of Walking On Broken Glass. Fleetwood Mac wasn't it? a very well sung cover who ever did the original.
Followed then by another good song I have actually heard of, though again I'm not sure of the original singer. Dame Shirly Bassie was it not? She did end up doing several bond theme though so it is hard to tell.
Finaly todays song. Another I've never heard of. But very good none the less.
As it is the week of the Christmas charts, I must ask. Would you write and release a song for Christmas?
Five songs left and four days to go (or five sleeps for those of us who count like that) until the day it's self. I do look forward to the final song of this set. :-))

Taffy's Garden said...

that's some spectacular piano playing - sounds just like joni...

i've seriously got chills listening to this:)