Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Advent Calendar - Day One

The Longest Time - by Billy Joel

TG xx


frieslander said...

Well this will be something to look forward to over the coming Plum Pudding Season. A very nice song to hear, though I've never had much interest in Billy Joel previously. Was the song seasonal in it's day?
I'm going to end up with a gap between the 12th and the 19th owing tho the fact I'm in the Balkans visiting relatives, and the internet isn't up to scratch (yet). Oh well that's a short album to listen to for when I get back :)
Can't wait for the next "advent window" to open.

Dicky Moore said...

This is truly, bearutiful, TG. It's absolutely lovely. Merry Christmas.

Dicky Moore said...

Oh and P.S. a cover every day? Wow!

Anonymous said...

Wow Fantastic!